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HoBo’s BBQ, located in Temecula, California, was originally opened in 2015 by Executive Chef, Al Borda, and his group of Partners. Both Al, and his partners, are all highly motivated individuals, who pride themselves for being family oriented, and community involved. They believe that with each other’s collective energies, along with their personal industry experience, uniquely compliments each other to help make HoBo’s BBQ a tremendous success. Since its original opening, HoBo’s BBQ has been able to fuel its continued progress from the energy and efforts of many of our great team members. With their combined professionalism, positive attitudes, team contributions, and guest focus, the HoBo’s BBQ employee team has unquestionably become the backbone of this company.

Being voted BEST BBQ in the Inland Empire since the company’s opening, and every year since then, has been no accident. In addition, HoBo’s BBQ is also the ONLY restaurant in the Inland Empire that has ever been filmed, or profiled, on the Food Network’s: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

The company’s dedication to its community also involves making our food and services accessible to all residents of the Inland Empire. Our team often travels many long distances to cater such events as weddings, special parties, business functions, and many other occasions, to help make them the most memorable experiences possible. On site, our restaurant offers a large dining area which has also hosted many rehearsal dinners, surprise parties, business meetings, and showers, allowing our guests to leave with wonderful memories, and full bellies!

Indeed, HoBo’s BBQ’s food, services, and hospitality have proven to be perfect for many special events and occasions here in Temecula. And as our company continues to grow and expand, so to will our services offered, making HoBo’s BBQ the number one BBQ experience in the Inland Empire.

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As a convenience, we offer home delivery through Eat24, GrubHub and UberEats.  If you choose to use one of these services, please understand, and remember 3 things:


  1. You are paying the delivery service that you order from, not HoBo’s BBQ.  Therefore, you will see a charge from them, not us.  If you are unsatisfied, in any way, you’ll need to discuss your issue with that delivery service, NOT US.  We are not able to access the delivery service’s software to assist with any matters.  So, if the delivery service’s prices are different than what our restaurant location prices are, that is something that you have already agreed to pay through the delivery service’s own terms and conditions.
  2. If you are having your order delivered, we normally ask the drivers to be at our location within 10 minutes after your order is placed. How many stops they make before they get to your exact location is something that we cannot control. As such, we cannot estimate how long the food will take to get to you.  Most delivery services will give you an estimate on delivery time, but regardless, Hobo’s BBQ cannot guarantee that your food will be piping hot by the time that it arrives.  Also, once the drivers receive a “pick ticket” to verify that the order is complete, they will then sign a receipt for us.  So, if you are missing something in your order, this is an issue that you need to take up with the delivery service in which you purchased the order through.
  3. We do offer a “call-in service”, in which you can call our location directly at 951.693.3227 and place an order for “pick up” with one of our servers. Payment over the phone will be required once the order is placed. With this type of order, we do have more control, and therefore can assist you much easier with any issues that you may have.