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Hello Everyone. Well, for those of you that know me, this may come as a shock to you. Food has now become my life. I don’t mean in the same way that everyone eats, and depends on food to keep them alive, but rather in a way that it now defines who I am as a person. It’s what inspires me every day. Food is the way that I plan to make my living, the way that I relax, and the way that I express myself. I now do this not only for myself, but for my daughter (Hailey) as well, who loves the kitchen even more than I do. HOBO’s has become our Family Joint. We sweat here, we cry here, we eat here, and we love here. This is now our life.

For people that have never worked in a restaurant, food is most likely thought of as nothing more than a necessity. But for people who have worked in the industry, they understand the passion, the fights, and the “Yes Chef” that our staff screams out (as they cuss at me under their breath). Because when it comes to providing our customers with the best experience possible, we all take it personal!

Most people say that I shouldn’t respond to any negative Yelp or Google reviews. To those people, I respectfully laugh. I do understand that everyone has different taste buds, and different opinions. But if someone is going to attack me, or the thing that I’m most passionate about, then I am going to defend myself, my crew, and HOBO’s reputation.

HOBO’s has been open for a little over 3 years. I personally believe that we have the greatest staff in all of the Inland Empire. Some of the staff members are never even seen by our customers. But believe me, no matter what part or our restaurant they are in, our entire staff never stops working hard to take care of all of your needs. As Executive Chef, I am not cooking as much any more. I now leave that job for my 4 cooks to do. We have 3 Prep Cooks, 2 Expos, 3 Dish Washers, and 6 Servers. With that said, both Chef Toby and I also prep, cook, expo, and act as the resident Handymen, when we aren’t busy creating new items, or figuring out how to make our current items even better!

Food is now at the core of everything that I do. It motivates me, and it excites me. For me, it’s like hitting 6thgear in a brand new Lamborghini, and I want to share that passion with anyone who wants to ride “shotgun”. There is no better feeling than sitting down at a table, sharing great food, a few laughs, and lots of love. You deserve to make wonderful memories with us, and we look forward to you stopping in soon.


Al Borda
Executive Chef
As featured on Food Networks
Diners, Drive Ins’ & Dives

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As a convenience, we offer home delivery through Eat24, GrubHub and UberEats.  If you choose to use one of these services, please understand, and remember 3 things:


  1. You are paying the delivery service that you order from, not HoBo’s BBQ.  Therefore, you will see a charge from them, not us.  If you are unsatisfied, in any way, you’ll need to discuss your issue with that delivery service, NOT US.  We are not able to access the delivery service’s software to assist with any matters.  So, if the delivery service’s prices are different than what our restaurant location prices are, that is something that you have already agreed to pay through the delivery service’s own terms and conditions.
  2. If you are having your order delivered, we normally ask the drivers to be at our location within 10 minutes after your order is placed. How many stops they make before they get to your exact location is something that we cannot control. As such, we cannot estimate how long the food will take to get to you.  Most delivery services will give you an estimate on delivery time, but regardless, Hobo’s BBQ cannot guarantee that your food will be piping hot by the time that it arrives.  Also, once the drivers receive a “pick ticket” to verify that the order is complete, they will then sign a receipt for us.  So, if you are missing something in your order, this is an issue that you need to take up with the delivery service in which you purchased the order through.
  3. We do offer a “call-in service”, in which you can call our location directly at 951.693.3227 and place an order for “pick up” with one of our servers. Payment over the phone will be required once the order is placed. With this type of order, we do have more control, and therefore can assist you much easier with any issues that you may have.